New attractive setup for dealers!

We have a new way of implementing the Diasec license in a quick & easy way.


Do you own a printmaking lab, picture framers or fine art mounting studio? We are offering you the chance to obtain an official Diasec operators license.

You can now provide your customers with the premier & original face-mounting system.

We have introduced a number of new cost effective options enabling you to take full advantage of this unique opportunity.

If you are seriously interested in supplying genuine Diasec to your region, why not contact us for more details. We will send you our initial information pack, which outlines the benefits of a Diasec dealership, with an overview of the associated suppliers license.

Press the button below, and fill in the form!

Copyright Saskia Boelsums - NL

Availability to artists worldwide

You are an artist and want to know where a genuine Diasec producer is settled. Or you want to be sure weather you are dealing with a real Diasec producer?


We now have an Official Website for all Official Licensee and Dealers and we keep the list up to date, so you can always check your own supplier.

Follow the link. =>

Copyright Jack Marijnissen - NL

Available to dealers in the USA too!

Do you own a printmaking lab, picture framers or fine art mounting studio situated in the USA, we have a dedicated website for this region also. Please follow the link. =>


''...What a fantastic job you had done with all 15 of the photographs! They are really beyond expectations! I've had a lot of positive feedback and I will definitely keep presenting my fine art prints in this way.''


Barney Wilczak - Wilczak Photography Limited


''Thanks for ''Diasec-ing'' my first edition of ''Perchance to Dream''. Great work guys! 

It currently looks great on our living room wall!''



Jurgen Dabeedin

Dealership News

Diasec was be represented at Photoplus by Erik Stoffers.

director of Diasec Canada & USA


Labs, framing- and mounting studio's that wanted to hear about the posibilities to add a high end product to their range were ableto  hear the ins and outs from first hand.


Erik was in booth 929 of Canson Infinity - A leading Digital Fine Art Paper Manufacturer since 1557.